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Kingdia Apple TV Video Converter is a video conversion tool
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Kingdia Apple TV Video Converter is a video conversion tool designed to let you watch your video files on your AppleTV. The app is supposed to support the most popular video formats, but in my testing, I was unable to open some MKV and MP4 files. Whenever I tried to open such files, I got an error message saying that I needed to download a decoder, which tells me that this video converter depends on the decoders that you have installed on your system. I don't think this is an ideal way of building a video converter. As far as output format support goes, you will notice that it isn't great either. There are two video formats supported: MPEG-4 and H.264, both of which work just fine for the AppleTV and other Apple devices. There are also three audio formats supported: AAC, WAV and MP3.

This converter doesn't let you change many video conversion settings and there aren't any conversion profiles. All you can change is the format, frame rate, resolution and quality for video, and channels, quality, sample rate and volume for audio. In the case of resolution, you can't keep the resolution of the original file, which is something I often need in my files. The maximum resolution available is 1280x720.

To test the video conversion capabilities in this converter I opened MKV and MP4 files and they didn't work. I also opened an AVI file, which worked fine and was successfully converted to MPEG-4.

In short, this video converter does work for AVI files, but to be honest, you can get much better converters out there for the same or even less money.

José Fernández
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